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  • Chris Costello

Opening Day at the SPA

United Puett had another great opening day at the SPA this past Friday. There were a couple strange occurences too. To start, was my Dad's car being bumped by a horse that got loose in the stables near the backstretch, and then, there was a quick passing storm with tornado warnings. It literally went from blue skies with no wind to 40-50mph winds in seconds, then it stopped. Finally, during that crazy quick burst of winds, a big branch fell on my Dad's car. Lol, his car had a rough day. Ok, now back to opening day. The SPA just puts you at ease. The New York crew is great to hang out with all day. We talk about horse racing, life, etc. The day went so well, a rainbow suddenely appeared during the final race of the day. During that day, my Dad and I took a little break to walk around in the picnic area. One of our favorite things to do is to walk around and look at all the horse racing art that is on display. The art is amazing and it just really shows how great Saratoga Race Course is. The track has so much history and just gives you a a wonderful feeling when you are there. If your lucky enough to be up early in the morning please go to the track and enjoy your coffee, while looking over your papers as the sun is breaking out of the fog. As you look out in the distance its hard to see the horses because the dense morning fog, but you will hear the horses hooves hitting the thick dirt of the track. As the fog breaks, tons of horses will appear with the sunshine now glaring as the horses morning training is in session. It really is a sight to see. A truly classic SPA moment.

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